With all of the provocative answers that Fr. Malachi Martin gave to the questions that I asked him, (detailed in the November '95 issueof The Hammer), theone that provoked the most controversy was his response, “I believe Medjugorje* is a Satanic hoax.”I have had several readers write to me because they were upsetbythisanswer.Notonlythis but they wishedfurtherexplanation of why Fr. Malachi would say what he did.I have, therefore, written to Fr. Martin asking him for a more detailed explanation of his position on the subject.I am bothered bythe fact that no one seemed to be disturbed by his answers to the really important questions. Until we hear from Fr. MartinIwillgive 3 reasons why the supposed “apparitions” in Medjugorje should present grave problems to any informed Roman Catholic.


††††††††††† *(For my readers who do not knowaboutMedjugorje, it is a small village in ††††††††††† Bosnia/Herzegovina wherealleged apparitionsofthe Blessed Virgin Mary have been taking place to a group of young men and womensince 1981.

There has been controversy because of differentevents surrounding these alleged visions and sayings attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary.)


Let me begin by stating emphatically that as far as I am concerned authentic private revelations in and of themselves are merely interesting side notes to the really necessary issues concerning the Church.The Roman Catholic Church contains the Fullness ofFaith and theFullnessofGrace;it needs nothing more than this.Christ Our Lord has, atvarioustimes,invarious places, to†† avery selectfew,revealedHimselforhasallowed His Blessed Mother or the saints toreveal themselves for the edification of certain individuals or to deliver a prophetic message such as at Fatima.Nonetheless, these visions and revelations (even when belief in them is permitted and recommended by the Church) are not necessary to the Faith and should never be given more weight in the scheme of things than they deserve. It is, therefore, very important that belief or disbelief of purely private revelationsshould never be a source of division or contention within the Catholic community.†† We, as Roman Catholics, do not rest our faith upon anything but the revelation of Jesus Christ given to the Church and protected by the Church through the activity of the Holy Spirit. No mere private revelation shouldcauseanyoneto reject or have disdain for any other Catholic. Whether they haveweighedalltheevidence or just have a predisposition thatinclines them to reject all alleged private revelationsout of hand - this is perfectly within the rights ofany Catholic.NoCatholic isrequiredtobelieveanything other than the official teachings of the Magisterium of theChurch nor should anyone be forcedorcoerced todoso.Itis very importantthatweasloyalRomanCatholics shouldhave the same attitude of the Church in regards to private revelations. Every private revelation that has not been officially investigated by the Church should first be looked upon with grave suspicion by every Roman Catholic and should be assumed false before being proved true.This is the wise attitude of the Church. Throughout history these things have occurred, and many if not the majority have been found to be lessthangenuine. The burden ofproofalways lies with the one claiming the revelation. Ifaninvestigation has been conducted ourattitude should be to follow the conclusions of that investigation. Stubborn clinging to a mere private revelation and resistance to legitimate Church authority, especially after a proper investigation with negative conclusions, is spiritually dangerous. To resist legitimate Church authority for something this unnecessaryto the Faith and to continue to promote it as if it were authentic borders on mortal sin.†††


Thereis an incident in the life of St. Theresa of Avila who was “plagued” by private visions and revelations.In discussing these things with her spiritual directorshe wascommandedunder obedience that when “Our Lord” appeared to her again she was to curse at the apparitionand give ita profane gesture tellingittogotohell.St. Theresa obeyed her superior with complete obedience.After having donewhather spiritualdirectorhadcommanded,she looked atthe visageofOur Lord with embarrassment and apologized.Our Lord’s reaction was significant.He told hershedidexactly what she was supposed to do.She was never to obey Him (Jesus) if doing so would go against the direct orders of her superiors. IfHe wanted her to do a special task and they would not allow it she was to obey them first andHe wouldeventuallyopentheir hearts to what He wanted so thattheywouldgiveher permission to do what He had requested.Notice, OBEDIENCE to her superiors was the necessary element not obedience to the vision. This, dear reader, hasalways been the constant teaching of the Church. We do the will of God by obedience to our legitimate superiors.


WhenI was studying philosophy and theologyatLoyola University oneofthemainsubjects upon which Iconcentrated was mystical theology.In fact, had Igone for a doctorate in theology it would have been within this field of study.Therefore, whenever there are reports of visions, locutions,stigmata and the like I am always interested in discovering theirveracity andauthenticity.I wouldconsider myself wellinformedonthissubject. Because ofthisinterest I have followed the eventsinMedjugorjesince they began in 1981. Theseapparitions were taking place full force while I lived in Romestudying theology. IhadseveralopportunitiestogoandvisitMedjugorje. Ioptedtostayin Rome.I had heard too many thingswhich disturbedmeaboutthese “apparitions” and began to have very severe doubts even back then in the early 80’s.


4 Investigations


There have been 4 official investigations by the Church, 3 of which were official Commissions set upto investigatetheallegedapparitionsand claims of supernaturaleventsatMedjugorje. The firstwassetupandcompleted by BishopPavao Zanic who was the bishop of the diocese in whichthe village of Medjugorje is found.The findings of this bishop and his commission were both negative in regards to the events at Medjugorje. His commission found that the eventsatMedjugorje were notfrom God.Hediscoveredthatduringhispersonal investigation,4 of the “visionaries” had boldfacedly lied to him and to others many times.Subsequent to his negative findings he has been accused of being a Communist sympathizer, at best, by those who wish to believe the “visionaries”.This is patently untrue.Bishop Zanic himself has suffered at the hands of the Communists. He would have sufferedagain attheir hands but not for the sake of whatheconsideredasham.TheFranciscanpriestsin the parishatMedjugorje werevery hostile to their legitimate superior, defying him at every turn.Oneofthesepriestshassubsequentlyleft the priesthood and has had a child from an ex-Nun. Iwonderif anyone†† has everconsidered the possibility thatthesepriestscouldhaveactually been†† Communistplants.Therewasnevera persecution of the children by the Communists.Notice how the Communists basicallyleftMedjugorjealone.Whyshouldn’tthey?They havemade†† a mintinrevenuesfromallthetourists.†† Medjugorjewasquitealucrativedealforthegovernmentbefore the warsinceall†† touristmoney wentintogovernment coffers.


Because the visionaries, parishpriestsandthepeople continued to refuse to obey their legitimate superior, 2 more commissions were established - one by the Yugoslavian National Conference of Catholic Bishops and anotherby the Vatican. Bothcommissionsfoundno evidence ofthe supernatural involved in thealleged apparitionsdespitethefactthattheyhad years and yearsofgatheredfacts and supposed evidence. The Croatian bishops and the Vaticancame to the same conclusion as bishop Zanic. “...It cannot be affirmed that supernatural apparitionsandrevelations†† are occurring there.”†† In Fatima the commission that wasestablishedtoinvestigatethe apparitions gavea positiveaffirmationof their authenticityandtheyonlyhad the evidence of 6 brief apparitions to investigate.Yet with nearly 10 years of "evidence"neither the Conference of Bishops nor the Vatican could come up with enough evidence to†† affirm the claims ofthe "visionaries" at Medjugorje. Norcould theyconfirmthatanyrealmiraclesof claimed healings had taken placeaccording to the strictguidelinesof the Church.Nonetheless, evenafter these negative resultsthe “visionaries”, parish priestsand people continue todisobey their superiors.


Thislackofobedience is my primaryobjection to theMedjugorje phenomenon.We have enough of that among thosewhoclaimto be Catholicbuthavedenied essentials of the Faith.Now the objection Iget from the Medjugorites” to these commissionsisthatLourdesand Fatima had Church opposition also but both were finally confirmed to be authentic.Here’s the difference: Whencommissionswere set up to investigate the events associated with Lourdes and Fatima they both ended with the same resultswhichpositivelyaffirmed their authenticity.†† They didn’t have commissions condemn the apparitions and then new ones affirm them.The fact that the Medjugorje eventshavehadthree commissionsand a total of 4 investigations with no positive results should be more than enough forany loyalRoman Catholictorejectthese allegedapparitions out of hand.Whereis the sense of obedience among the adherents of the Medjugorje phenomenon?In fact, disobediencehasbeentheconstantundercurrent from the very beginning of these events. The father of disobedience must be very proud of his accomplishment.


"Even if an Angel of Light..."


According to the "visionaries" of Medjugorje the Blessed Virgin Mary has made severalstatementsthat†† are basically heretical. I will chooseonly one which has been repeated many timesandinmanydifferentways.It†† isreported by the visionaries that†† "Our Lady" said:" Allreligionsareequal before God."†† This, dear reader,is heresy, pure and simple.

"Not without sorrow we have learned that another error, no less destructive, has taken possession of some parts of the Catholic world, and has taken up its abode in the souls of many Catholics who think that one should have good hope of the eternal salvation of all those who have never lived in the true Church of Christ.

...as is Our Apostolic duty, we wish your episcopal solicitude and vigilance to be aroused, so that you will strive as much as you can to drive from the minds of men that impious and equally fatal opinion, namely, that the way of eternal salvation can be found in any religion whatsoever.

For, it must be held by faith (de fide) that outside the Apostolic Roman

††††††††††† Church, no one can be saved; that this is the only ark of salvation; that he who shall not have entered therein will perish in the flood...."

(Pius IX, "Singulari quadem" D1646-1647)


Since, therefore, the real Blessed Virgin would never commit such a heresy thisisoneof three things: Itis a hoax perpetrated by the "visionaries" in collusion with the parish priests, oritisa hoax perpetrated by Satan, the father of lies, or finally,itisamass hallucinationwith the suggestionable minds of the weak being influenced tosee and believe things thatare not really there. Whatever the case, the bottom lineisthatthe Mother ofGodcannot†† andwouldneverproclaim anything contrary to the Faith.Because of this fact, priests and theologians who have swallowed the Medjugorje bait hook, line and sinker have scrambled to performedOlympianfeatsof mental gymnastics to try to explain away this blatant statementofheresyas if it came from the mouth of the Blessed Virgin but she really didn't understand what she was saying via the way the rest oftheworldwouldlookatit. How pathetic!These priests and "theologians" when hearing this statement, should have instantaneously proclaimed the whole thing a fraud but they've been bamboozled like all the rest of those poor deluded people that hungerfor the supernaturalinaChurchthatthe modernists haveso secularizedand stripped of the supernatural thattheywillrunafter anything thatgives them a sense ofwhattheyhaven'tbeen given through the Modernist religion. The fact is that no matter how these theologiansattempt to explain thisstatementtomakeitsoundorthodox,theycan't.†† Doesanyonethinkfora minute that the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church would ever make a statementabout the Faith that would be confusing and cause consternation to those who know the dogmasofthe Faith? Please, let's be real!


Topromoteandbelieve in a mere private revelation after such damning evidence isbeyondmycomprehension.Let's face it.It's just not worth the trouble. Asorthodox Roman Catholics, we have much more important matters with which to concern ourselves, such as the Modernist destruction of the Faith.Whata perfecttriumphSatan has in dividing those who are truly faithful over such a minormatter, and thatis exactly what he has done. If nothing else the division thisinsignificant†† phenomena hascreatedisenough to reject it if not to completely ignore it.


She goes on and on and on...


Now thereare about a hundred more reasons that I could go into about the Medjugorjephenomenonandwhy I believe it is dangerous. However, I would like toconcentrate on one last reason thatindicatesthe supposed "apparitions" are not authentic.


WhenGodbecameman in order to reveal to us who He was,He first spent 30 yearsin silence.WhenHewasfinally ready tocomplete His†† mission he went about teaching and performing miraclesforashort3years.Ifyou take the longestofthegospels (St. Luke's)it†† isonlyapproximately 33 pages in length. 80% ofthe gospel is narrative about the events surrounding the life ofChrist.Only 20% contains the wordsthatcame forth from the mouth of God.There are3 most famous approvedapparitions of the Blessed Virgin. When Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego she came to ask for a chapel to be built in her honor so that God could use her intercession for the Mexican people in this special place.This took 4 apparitions and approximately 700 words.Then came the dramatic proof required by the bishop. When Our Lady appeared to Bernadette at Lourdes there were 18 apparitions.Shedid not speak until the 3rd one. In all she spoke less than 100 words.She gave proof before the end of the visions that she had appearedtoBernadetteby bringing forth from her hands the miraculousspring.In Fatima the Blessed Mother appeared only 6 times. She spoke approximately 850 words.She proved herpresencebythespectacular miracle of the sun. Each of the above authentic apparitions spoke only as a Catholic would, reiterating Catholic dogma.


Now contrast these authentic visions with the supposed apparitions at Medjugorje.To date there have been approximately5295 reported apparitions with volumes of reported messages and still thereisnoend in sight. This "vision" speaksof such mundane subjectsas the fashions the young "visionaries" wear.Justthink,accordingtowhat the "visionaries"have reported, "Our Lady" has decidedto outdo her Son inquantity if notinquality. If you took all the recorded words that Our Lord ever spoke you couldn't even come close to what "His Mother" has supposedly spoken in the nearly 15 years she'sbeen continuouslyrepeating herselfadnauseam.And still there is no proof.


God's modusoperandiis brevity. He sayswhatneeds to be said and leaves it at that.Mary hasdemonstrated this same traitin her authentic apparitions, and whenopposed by the legitimate superiors of the visionaries she has always, almost immediately, provided the proof they have required.None of these things are presentinthealleged "apparitions" of Medjugorje. Ifthereis one fruit which seemsto have come from this phenomenaat Medjugorje it is disobedience.††††††††††††††††††††††††